How to Process your Rosin Chips

Hello! We hope everyone has had a killer week. In our attempt to educate the masses about Rosin and DIY infusions, the next chaper in our Rosin workshop series will be what to do with your pressed chips.

This past weekend was the Michigan Cannabis Cup. We set up with Dabstars and live pressed/dabbed at the booth. When I was cleaning up I found a small stash of pressed chips from the weekend.

The following is a small tutorial on how I process Rosin chips.

It's pretty simple really, I just take my pressed chips and soak/submerge them in MCT oil. I usually let them sit for a few days to a week on the window sil in my kitchen. If it's nice out, I'll set the mason jar on a warm surface and let it sun bake for a few hours. Here is what the process looks like.

Photo 1 - Pressed Chips

Photo 2 - Chips in 4oz Ball Jar

Photo 3 - MCT Oil - Found on Amazon/GNC type stores, any carrier oil will work.

Photo 4 - Chips submerged in MCT

Photo 5 - Day 2, you can start to see the residual oil pulling from the chips.

Photo 6 - Getting a little help from the Sun, Day 4

Photo 7- Day 4, After a few hours baking in the sun

Photo 8 - Straining the oil. I use a 120u press bag in this cool coffee pour over stand 

Photo 9 - The finished product.

I'm sending labs off to Proverde today as I've always wondered what this sort of infusion tests at.

These were all what I would consider good to top quality flowers, which would usually produce a 70%+ concentrate.